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Abdominal Roller Exercise Wheel Fitness Equipment Mute Roller For Arms Back Belly Core Trainer Body Shape Training

Color: Red,Blue
Roller in the material: ABS
Roller diameter material: elastic PVC (flexible, mute, not to hurt the floor)
Roller diameter: 95mm

Package Includes:
1x ABS Abdominal Roller Wheel
1x Knee Mat

- Total body exerciser.
- Compact and portable, use it anywhere, any time
- Start looking greater, the easy way
- Ideal for burning excess calories

By simply rolling AB Wheel forward and backward you tone and firm your entire upper body, AB wheel is greater to control the degree of your workout by rolling farther of closer to easily strengthen, stretch and firm. AB Wheel is ideal for burning excess calories.

ABS-Abdominal-Roller-Exercise-Wheel-Fitness-Equipment-Mute-Rolle.jpgABS-Abdominal-Roller-Exercise-Wheel-Fitness-Equipment-Mute-R (2).jpgABS-Abdominal-Roller-Exercise-Wheel-Fitness-Equipment-Mute-R (1).jpgHTB1XAxuXf1G3KVjSZFkq6yK4XXaa.jpgHTB1ZpBuXgaH3KVjSZFjq6AFWpXaD.jpgHTB1KCVDXa5s3KVjSZFNq6AD3FXaN.jpgHTB13CBDXbys3KVjSZFnq6xFzpXaw.jpg

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