26" Inch Bicycle Fork PASAK MTB Mountain Bike Suspension Fork Air Damping Front Fork Remote Control RL

1. Brand: PASAK

2. Model: P34 gas fork

3. Size: 26"

3. The length of the front fork vertical pipe is 222MM, and the outer diameter of the pipe is 28.6, 100MM (32MM diameter) and 100MM

4. Weight: 1700 grams (26")/1740 g (27.5")/1780 g (29")

5. Dedicated to disc brake, support oil pressure disc brake

6. The warranty of the front fork is not guaranteed for 2 years;Purchase the front fork (default not installed) the core, line control of the wiring pipe and install and debug the goods (line length 380MM).

26-27-5-29-Inch-Bicycle-Fork-PASAK-MTB-Mountain-Bike-Suspension-Fork-Air-Damping-Front.jpgH3ea2227989624687ba8b637d19cb137eF.jpgH3df1fd9b0fb54a4ea620d87b92533778J.jpgH3dd418d5f756447b8687bb022cee50982.jpgH6c2864b473414018b59784e429e33662S (1).jpgH5c598230781241519617e7e3062c3d19Z.jpgH2e2c1c5fa5614e72808f2b01dfd03329h.jpgH72e24037cbc44e19a4ac0152e37e45f2g.jpgH500a1df271004db387242cc20c264553p.jpgH313980d1222049058dc4d6c4a58a048fR.jpg

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